Friday, May 28, 2010


I know, I am a terrible blogger. It's mainly because my camera has broken but I have a NEW one now so I have no excuses. May has been a big month for us. We are officially living in St. George now in our new house. I got a new job. Cadie graduated from Richfield High. Austin turned 23. We celebrated our 2 year anniversary. Jerrica and sweet Addy came and stayed with us. Also, at home my brother in law is running for Sevier County Sheriff. Go NATE!

We bought a new house about a month ago and we LOVE it. I don't have very many pictures yet because I want to wait until everything is organized and decorated. :)
Cadie graduated last Tuesday. We traveled home to Richfield for the day and the family had a BBQ afterwards. We had such a good time and we are so proud of Cadie. Congrats Cad!!

Austin turned 23 this month. Unfortunately I had to work all day but his family came down for the day and we went to Texas Road House. Afterwards Aus and I went and got ice cream and went up to Dixie Rock. Also, the night before we went to Iggy's with a couple friends. :) He got some new golf clubs and shoes!

We celebrated 2 years together. Crazy huh? Time has gone by so fast. I had to work again on our anniversary so we celebrated it the night before by going to dinner. I got a new camera which I LOVE!! I am so happy to be married to Aus. He's such a hard worker and I just love him!

Jerr and Addy stayed two nights with us. I had to work again ha ha but I am so glad they came. We had a blast playing with sweet Addy and I hope they visit again!!