Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baum Wedding!

This weekend was Shauntae and Cory's wedding! It turned out sooo pretty and was such a wonderful day. We are so happy for the two of them and Shauntae was beautiful bride. Too bad I didn't get any pictures of her or any of the line but I'm sure they we'll get posted soon... It was a perfect day and we loved seeing old friends. :) Congrats Shaun and Cory! We LOVE you!

Krysa, Ann, Jerr, and SWEET Addy:

Austin and I:We just love little Addy:
Heidi, Jerr, Me:
Heidi and I:

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


My last post was Feb. 3rd! Wow, I am a terrible blogger.. ha! Not only has my blog been neglected but so has my husband, my house, my car, my life... and this list could go on forever. To top it all off, my camera is BROKEN. Anyways, Easter weekend was such a great weekend minus the fact that Austin and I were both sick. On Friday night we headed up to Mt. Carmel to go hike Zion Saturday morning.. Well just my luck.. I was sick all night long. Austin and I ended up driving to Richfield Saturday morning. During our stay in Richfield we celebrated my cute little nephews 3rd birthday, colored Easter eggs, went bowling with Austin's family & had a picnic with my family. We headed home Sunday and we are finally starting to feel better. :)