Saturday, January 12, 2013

2012 RECAP

• found out we were going to Indy for the summer
• went to a Jazz game with Brandi, Ty, Brock and Blayr
• camden started crawling while we were out of town

• went snowboarding with our friends up at sundance

• we went with Brandi, Ty & cam to Las Vegas for spring break
• went to the cirque show: Le Reve while in Vegas
• we got our first family pictures taken

• celebrated Easter in richfield
• celebrated Camden's first birthday ( a month early) in St George at the community center
• we flew out to Indianapolis, IN. It was Camden's third flight

• Austin turned 25
• camden turned 1
• camden learned to walk
• we went to the pacers vs heat championship game
• we celebrated our 4th anniversary
• we went to the Indy 500
• went to a huge Indy 500 day parade

• visited the white river national park in downtown Indy
• we went to the Indy zoo.. Several times :)
• went to an Indy Indians baseball game
• went to the Indy state fair

• suffered through the HOTTEST summer of my life
• tried to celebrate the 4th of July in Carmel, IN.. Ended up sitting in a near by Arby's with AC
• flew to utah and back for a visit. It was Camden's fourth and fifth flights
• celebrated the 24th of July in Monroe/richfield
• went to fishlake with my family
• stayed a week in a hotel in Fort Wayne, IN
• everything died in Indy and watering your lawn was against the law
• went to Chicago for a weekend
• we went to a cubs game at wrigley field
• went to navy pier and rode the giant ferris wheel
- ate the best pizza in Chicago & took a boat tour of the river running throught the city
• went to the shedd aquarium

• Austin left Indy and went to Tucson and Albuquerque to finish the summer
• camden and I flew home to utah and spent a few weeks in richfield. This was Camden's sixth flight.

• went to Pioche, NV for Labor Day.
• we bought a rzr
• we went to the coral pink sand dunes with Brandi, Ty, Brock and Blayr for two days and camped in a tent
• I went to the lone star concert in richfield with my mom and sisters
• I went with my friends to Las Vegas for a girl weekend

• Went to Scofield for a weekend at the cabin with Austin's family
• we went to staheli farm and picked pumpkins
• went to a vivint party in Provo
• camden got rosella and was so sick
• I turned 26
• camden celebrated his 2nd Halloween as a giraffe
• we finished and fenced our back yard

• Celebrated thanksgiving in richfield
• Austin played in the annual turkey bowl
• my mom, sisters and I went to Motab christmas concert in SLC
• we took camden and my nephews sledding
• spent the holidays in snowy richfield
- went to Las Vegas to celebrate the holidays with Austins family

I love looking back each year to see how much we have done and accomplished! I am thankful for my little family and the life we have!! I hope everyone had a wonderful 2012.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Christmas was so much fun this year. We headed to richfield on the Friday before and we stayed until the day after. The day after, we headed to Las Vegas to celebrate with Austin's family. While we were in richfield, we took Camden and his cousins sledding, ate lots of goodies, did our last minute shopping, played in the snow, and went on lots of christmas rides. Santa found camden and he was so glad. He got a slide/climber thing, a power wheel 4 wheeler and lots of other stuff. He has a lot of people who love him so he gets extra spoiled on christmas. I couldn't imagine the holidays without our little guy. I am thankful for him and our families we have to celebrate with!

Friday, January 4, 2013


Well, my little Camden is now 19 months old. I can't believe it. He is a little toddler and is so much fun. I love that he has his own little personality and is starting to talk. He's definitely not in the best talker but he's improving. :) We had a blast with him over the holidays and we feel so blessed to have him in our lives.

At 19 months Camden:
  • can say dad, mom, dog, ball, hi, bye, please (pees), binky, baba (which he calls every drink), banana (nana), lets go, football, ouch, uh oh, eyes, Lou
  • understands almost everything we tell him.
  • only has one bottle a day now and it's actually during the night. We are working on getting rid of it.
  • loves his dad so much and hates when he is gone.
  • is super busy and runs around in circles, jumps off the couch, loves to play in the backyard, is constantly going.
  • LOVES balls... footballs, soccer balls, basketball, any type! He's definitely Austins kid. :)
  • his favorite food is strawberries and easy mac.
  • knows where his eyes, teeth, ears, hair, and nose are.
  • knows what noise kitties, dogs, ducks, and cows make. He knows what Santa says.
  • his favorite movie is Arthur Christmas and we have literally watched it probably 20 times.
  • is obsessed with his blanket. He has to have it everywhere we go and hates when it gets washed.
  • - he is also attached to his binky. I don't want to even think about getting rid of that thing haha but sooner or later, it will be gone!!
  • has just started to sit through movies and cartoons. he loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse.
  • is TERRIBLE at restaurants, shopping and church.
  • loves to play at the gym daycare.
  • loves to go to Richfield to play with all his cousins, grandparents and of course Lou!
  • his very favorite person might be my nephew, Jackson. :)
  • he tries to say "where are you" but it is not clear, ha! When he is looking for his binky he says, "binky... where are you?"
  • can jump and he thinks he's pretty cool when he does it.
  • loves the hot tub and is NOT scared of the water. he will just jump right in.
We are lucky to have such a cute little guy.