Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We had such a wonderful, relaxing Christmas day! We spent Christmas Eve with Austin's family at the Duffin's. We had a good turkey and ham dinner. Then, we went to my house to unwrap pajamas and await for Santa. The kids were soo hyper and out of control, ha ha but it was a lot of fun. We all got up about 7 and let the kids see what Santa brought. They loved everything they got and were so happy. I'm so glad we have such good families to be with during these times. After having breakfast at my parents, we headed to Austin's and had a second Christmas! We unwrapped gifts and had a good lunch. Sadly, later that day my grandma had to be rushed up north to the hospital. She also had an emergency surgery Christmas night, which scared all of us. Luckily, she is strong and the surgery went well. She is still up there and recovering quickly. Overall, we had a wonderful day and got to spend the whole rest of the weekend in Richfield. We enjoyed our time home and the break! :) Kaylen got a bike! He loved it :)
Austin, Kamie, and I unwrapping presents.
Jess and Jackson checking out what they got.
Santa brought little Jess man pistols, ha!
He also brought him this little red car.
Jackson got a lot of gifts including this cute Jazz hoodie.
The babies running to see what Santa brought them.
Christmas Eve presents
HA HA, Kaylen was a little excited for Santa to come... he loves chocolate!
4 families = a lot of presents!
We had a great Christmas and we are so glad that Santa found the little ones!

Monday, December 28, 2009


I cannot believe this year is already over! It was our second year together and it was definitely a good one. We have gotten to see and do a lot of cool things so I want to recap and write down everything we've done so I never forget :) Sorry, this will be a long boring post with no pictures.
*JAN: We went on a cruise to Cabo San Lucas, Ensenada & San Diego. Started spring semester of school at SUU.
*FEB: I got a new job at SUU which let me spend more time at home and focus more on school.
*MARCH: Spent spring break in Mesquite with our friends. Went to a Jazz game with Brandi and Ty.
*APRIL: We packed up as much stuff possible, used a million space bags, and moved across the country. It took us 2 full days and nights until we finally arrived in Devon, PA (Philadelphia)
*MAY: Austin started selling door to door in the Philadelphia area. We celebrated our first anniversary by going to a Philly's vs. Nationals baseball game. I ate my first original Philly cheese steak sandwich from a VENDOR! We celebrated Austin's birthday by going to Champs with our friends. We visited the Historic District in downtown Philadelphia and got to see the Liberty Bell. We met Landon and Che! :) I got a job at Buckle. Krysta came to visit and we went to Love Park. Went to Atlantic City, NJ and walked the board walk.
*JUNE: Tricia and my mom came to Philadelphia to visit. We went to New York, Washington D.C., Valley Forge, Lancaster, PA and Gettysburg. We saw a real Amish buggy and people. We went to Gettysburg. I rode on my first Amtrak train. We layed by the pool every Sunday. We ate at Five Guys for the first time and LOVED it.
*JULY: Che and I went to the 4th of July parade in the Historic District. All our friends went to a Sheryl Crow concert and watched fireworks off the Rocky Balboa stairs. Realized traffic in Philadelphia sucks. (15 miles = 2 hrs.) Dropped off Austin in downtown Philly to sale and cried, ha! We went to Ocean City, NJ twice to play in the beach. Austin, Ty, and Trav went to the U.S. Open in New York. They brushed shoulders with Tiger Woods and were very proud about it. Didn't celebrate the 24th of July, quit my job at buckle and we moved to Arlington, VA.
*AUG: Lived in a house with Brandi and Ty, Amy and Shaun and sometimes Skye and Adam. Went to the Washington D.C. Zoo and saw pandas. Went to the Washington D.C. temple which was beautiful. Went to the Arlington Cemetery, the white house, the Washington Monument, Abraham Lincoln Memorial, Holocaust Museum, and many other museums. Fell in love with Noodles and Co. I flew to Las Vegas where my mom and Tricia picked me up. We went to the Jersey Boys play and then drove home to UTAH! Austin moved to Virginia Beach, VA and continued selling alarm systems. I moved back to Cedar City and started school while Austin took online classes. I started working at SUU again.
*SEP: Brandi and I flew to Virginia Beach to visit our husbands. I stayed for 3 days and went to the beach two of those days. Cried the hardest I've ever cried when I left Aus to go back home.
*OCT: Aus finally came home. He drove 38 hours with little sleep. We went to Caliente, NV for the high school reunion. We went to the UNLV vs. UTAH football game in Las Vegas. We celebrated my 23rd birthday. We went to a Halloween party at Josh and Sunny's. Austin got a job at a bank in St. George!
*NOV: We celebrated Thanksgiving in Richfield and had two turkey dinners. Austin played with some friends in the Richfield annual turkey bowl. Got iphones :)
*DEC: Austin's great grandma Christy died. We went to the funeral in Pioche, NV. Went to Salt Lake city for Braden's wedding. Went to the Salt Lake temple and the Richfield lights parade. Celebrated Christmas in Richfield with our families.
We had a wonderful year and we are excited to see what 2010 has in store!! :) Sorry I didn't post about Christmas, I will when I get pictures from Tricia. Hope everyone has a great New Year!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ugly Sweater Party..

This year our friends decided to have a Christmas party! Not only did we have a Christmas party but we had an ugly sweater Christmas party. It was sooo funny! We had such a good time and laughed alot. I must say, I think Austin looks pretty good in women's holiday sweaters with shoulder pads, ha ha maybe he should purchase a few more! :) The food was EXCELLENT and we got way too full. Were so glad we have such good friends and we are loving the holidays. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Richfield Lights Parade...

Last Saturday Austin and I headed to Richfield for the lights parade and to hang out with our families. I have always LOVED the lights parade and I just couldn't miss it, ha! We all had such a good time, especially the babies. ( Yes, I still call them "the babies" and there almost 3, ha ha) Also, we are done with school for a couple weeks and we are ready to enjoy our break. I hope everyone is enjoying the Holidays.... the next post will be about the ugly sweater party we had on Monday, ha ha... lots of fun! Ash and Brand, I need those pics :) Thanks!