Thursday, April 12, 2012

Camden-10.5 months

Our sweet Camden is almost 11 months old and I can't believe it. He has such a sweet personality and really brightens up our days. Camden is growing up so quick and is always on the go. From 7 AM to 9 PM he never stops going! Here are some facts about cam at 10 months:

- I have to constantly watch him because everything goes in his mouth.
- he loves all animals, including Lou.
- he throws a fit every time I change his diaper
- loves to play in the dirt, chase his older cousins & play outside.
- has learned to give people dirty looks, haha
- drinks out of a sippy as long as it has a straw.
- will sit still long enough to eat as long as I have the iPad set up with baby Einstein.
- He is down to three bottles total.
- loves to give big slobbery kisses.
- is always smiling and is so happy.
- has three funny little teeth
- walks all around the furniture and can pull himself up anywhere.
- loves other kids and is always invading personal space, haha
- is always destroying the house. He's into every cupboard, drawer, and shelf. Can find any cord, crumb or outlet and will NOT leave the stairs alone.

Our little bug is sure a handful but we wouldn't trade him for anything! We love our little man!! We have a crazy next couple months ahead of us which includes a move across the country and a two hour time change with a wild baby. Wish us luck! Haha