Monday, March 30, 2009


Since lately i've only been posting once a month, ha i guess i'll just sum up the whole month of March! Lets see.. We had a great spring break with our friends. We went to Mesquite and stayed a few nights. It was such good weather we got to play in the pool all day and have a BBQ. Then we headed to Richfield Thursday night for Cadie's prom... She looked so cute and it was fun to hang out with the family. We also went to St. George a couple of days to watch Cadie play softball. This last weekend we went to the Jazz game... On the way home we stopped at Tyson and Lana's new house and played games and had pizza! We had a great month and we are looking forward to Easter with our familes, the summer away from Cedar City, and the last day of school ha ha!
Here are some pictures:


Sunday, March 1, 2009


Once again, its been weeks since i've blogged so sorry. ha! With my new job, i finally have weekends off so Austin and I have had some fun weekends. Valentines weekend was busy. We drove to Richfield on Friday with Brandi and Ty for the SS vs. Rich game! On Saturday I worked my last day at Maurices and then Austin and I went to Ninja, a japenese steakhouse. After we were so tired so we went and got ice cream and watched a movie :) It was great! Oh and my sweet mom and sisters sent me flowers at work. They're so nice. The next weekend we went to Richfield for the whole weekend. Austin had meetings in Provo on Saturday so i stayed home and hung out with my family. We met that night in Ephraim for the basketball games and then went to dinner with his family. A weekend with the family is always fun! We love our families and miss them alot. This last weekend was state basketball here in Cedar so we had lots of family and friends down. My family came down and his sister, Cadie, stayed with us. We had lots of fun. Thanks for a fun weekend everyone :) Oh and i didn't talk about the weekdays cuz there all the same, work and school... Boring! HA