Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break was much needed and very relaxing! We headed to Richfield on Tuesday night and stayed until Saturday. We had such a great time with our families and we are sad the break is over. We got to eat two thanksgiving dinners on Thursday, lucky us, ha! We were stuffed but loved the food. We went with Austin's family to the Duffin's and then afterwards went to my mom's! We got to see lots of family and cousins, which was great :) I forgot to take pictures but luckily Shaun took a ton! ha Oh and I have to mention that I woke up at 4 A.M. and went to black Friday and I'm still sore.. ha no carts were left! It was so funny and I think I'll do it again next year! But, we had a wonderful week and we are so thankful for our families and all they do for us. I don't know where we'd be without them. We love you guys! :)The boys deep frying the turkey:

Austin and Brucey: Whit, me, Cad, and Shaun:

On Friday, Austin and a some friends played in a flag football tournament. It was really cold but we had a lot of fun. We got to hang out with some of our old friends and their team was actually really good. They won both games and had a great time:
The flag football team, minus a few:
Austin and I:

Ya, we were chilly:

Thursday, November 19, 2009

November already?

I have not blogged in a really long time and it's because I don't have much to blog about. Our lives are pretty boring... school and work is not very exciting. This last weekend we did go to sunny Mesquite for a softball tourney that Austin was in. It was so nice to be in the sun and being able to relax. Unfortunately, I forgot the camera.. sorry! So... what have we been up too? Well first off since this weather is hot one day and cold the next, we took advantage of a hot one and went golfing with our friends.. Austin's new hobby is golfing! He's obsessed with it.Also, a couple of weeks ago we had Heidi's bridal shower at Pepperbellies. It was so much fun and was great seeing all my old friends. Mostly everyone was there and it was like things had never changed.Austin got a new job!! He's had it for a while now and he loves it. He works in St. George which is kind of hard cuz he has to travel every day but at least he likes it and it's a great job. :) I'm so proud of him!And lastly...... Yes, I have my Christmas tree up! YAY! I couldn't wait any longer.