Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I cannot believe sweet Camden is already 9 months old. He has grown so much lately and learns
new things every day. At 9 months, Camden:

- crawls everywhere.. He started this at 8 months
- has two funny teeth.. They are both on the bottom but they are not next to each other. Ha, he looks like a little pumpkin.
- he can play peek-a-boo, pat-a-cake, and will throw a ball back and forth for hours.
- he is not a good eater. He loves his bottles WAY too much!
- he tugs at my pant leg and says mamama when he wants me to pick him up.
- loves the veggie dip gerber bites
- loves sticking his tongue out and sucks on everything.
- sleeps from around 9PM - 7 AM and wakes up once in between.
- takes 3 naps ( morning, afternoon, & evening)
- he loves to unfold my laundry as fast as I can fold it.
- walks around tables and along the couch.
- loves watching kids play, especially his cousins
- will find the tiniest crumb no matter how clean the floors are.
- constantly pulls the door stoppers.

We just love our little buggy & we are so grateful each day that he is ours!